Update Time

Things have been stupid busy for me lately. I’ve picked up quite a few Android projects and my new job is really eating up a lot of my time. So, naturally, I’ve been neglecting any posts despite me seeing an decent influx of traffic here. I guess I’m doing something right! Thanks for all of that, readers!

I have a few things I’m working on for the blog. I’m in the process of reviewing Fedora 19 Beta. I think if you’re a fan of Fedora (as I am and I’m sure readers of this are), it should be full of information you’ll want to read. We also did another episode of the LinuxInstall.net podcast so I’ll get that link up in here somewhere. I haven’t been neglecting my Weeked Coding podcast either. I have a lot of them done but I haven’t had the time to go through, edit, and clean them up. Hopefully I’ll get to that this week as well.

There is more content coming people. Just bear with me.

Weekend Coding – Session A (Audio Version)

This is the audio-only version of a video that I’m currently waiting for YouTube to process called Weekend Coding. This is my attempt at archiving my “developmental evolution”. I’m not intending it to be for entertainment purposes but if you do like it, that’s cool.

This session starts with some musings on my qualifications as a bedroom coder. Then I move into analysis of the code that I’m writing (Android using IntelliJ). There are tracks playing in the background from Jamendo and those tracks are referenced on the SoundCloud page for this.

Once YouTube decides to let me have control over the video, I’ll post a link here as well.

“Studio” Update

I couldn’t really think of anything better to call my desk than a studio. That and I’m sure “Desk Update” sounds more like a press room churning out whatever they can come up with.

The holidays have a way of stealing time away from projects. As does family drama and everything else that constitutes a curve ball in life. But you have to do what you have to do. If that means putting things on the back burner for the time being then that’s what has to happen.

As the holidays are just literally right around the corner, I’m starting to find time to get back to working on The Shopper v. 2.0, which is long overdue, and trying to finish up the two Android game projects I’m cooking up.

Two? Oh yeah. My second “filler” project. A Greg-ified Pong variant. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. I don’t either but I’m sure that whatever comes out of it will be pretty decent. At least I’m hoping it will. I really just needed to do something else besides for work on The Shopper and my other game. I haven’t churned out any Android apps since my pilot release and I want to get something else out there. I’ll be distributing on Play as well as other channels to friends and family. No need for any restrictions on this as it’s intended to be open source. Now clearly, I don’t own Pong or anything like that but I’m sure that as an educational vehicle, it’ll be just fine. As an entertainment vehicle, you may or may not puke over how awesome it’ll be.

For my game projects, I’ve finally decided to put my own personal touches so that it is clearly my work. Most of those are code formatting subtleties (nothing that makes the code unreadable). Others are visible to the user.  One such way of doing this is by creating a splash image for the name that I distribute apps under, Quorra Apps. The image is shown below. Nothing fancy but it’s pretty clean and simple. Plus the green kicks ass.

The splash image used in my games.
The splash image used in my games.

Maybe I should have added some inset to the characters? I rather appreciate the appeal and simplicity that “flat” brings.

In my last post, I’d mentioned something about doing a write-up on migrating from simple pixel-oriented mechanics in 2D games to using classical mechanics, or actual physics, to regulate the behavior of your in-game entities. I’ll release this in parallel with my Pong variant release. This way, I can get code samples lined up inline with explanations. Keep in mind with this though that I’m not the “go-to” game developer or physicist or mathematician. My profession is writing software for practical everyday solutions or business application. So what I’m saying there will not be the best way to do things and some of what I’ll say might be wrong. If it is, just send me a “Hey asshole!” email and I’ll fix it.

I’m going to finish up with salutations. I hope everyone has a damn good holiday, whichever one it is you subscribe to, and you don’t do anything too crazy.

After all, we survived the impending apocalypse yet again. Might as well pat yourselves on the back for that one.