*NOW CLOSED* – Feline Philanthropy

NOTE – This campaign has ended as the stretch goals have been met. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Not too long ago, my sister had taken responsibility for an outside cat. Being a fanatical animal lover, she quickly worked into her daily routine a regimen of feeding and playing with this furry friend. Affectionately, he was dubbed Dartanyin and his place in her heart was forever cemented.

Ultimately, her goal is to take Dantanyin in to care for him properly. To bring him in off the streets, away from the vicissitudes of whimsical or indifferent passerbys, and to provide for him the love and care that he needs. Yet she is at a disadvantage and needs some help.


As we all know, college students happen to be strapped for liquid capital, and my sister’s case is no exception to this rule. A local shelter near us is requiring around $160 to perform all of the necessary tests and operations to ensure Dartanyin’s health. She has resorted to crowd-funding to help finance these procedures, and is appealing to anyone with no more than $5 to spare to donate. I would see that this request is propagated through myself as well, hence the purpose of this post.

If you are an animal lover, you understand completely where my sister is at emotionally. Furthermore, with the comedic array of initiatives that manage to get backed in excess through crowd-funding, this hardly qualifies as something not worthwhile. Any donation that you could offer would go a long way in helping a cat get a home – taking it off the streets, a boon for a miltutide of reasons – and bringing a person and an animal closer together.

Please take the time to view the GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/this-handsome-guy-needs-our-help

Thank you for your time, and potentially for your help.