Kid-rows! Don’t ask me what that means exactly because I don’t know either. I just made it up.

I’m still plugging away at apps. Smsr is in the process of undergoing a major rewrite. Last weekend I was playing with the SMS Content Provider again and having found some glint of genius in a single moment or realisation, I found a significantly more efficient way to write how it works. Implementing it throughout the project will effectively result in an entire rewrite but what’s computer science without the “science?”

Even cooler than that, my talk proposal for the Ohio Linux Fest (OLF), “Android Development on Linux,” has been approved and I received my invitation yesterday morning (read date on this post). OLF takes place in Columbus, OH starting on October 24th and runs the whole weekend until October 26th at the Columbus Convention Center. There are already a lot of great talks scheduled for there and my friend Brian Wagner is also giving a talk there about DevOps as well. If you’re planning on attending the event and want to attend either of our sessions, both Brian and I are going to be giving our talks on Saturday the 25th. Room placement and times are still tentative at this point as the event planners are still going through everything. It’s shaping up to be a really awesome event so if you’re into technology or open-source and you’re in the area, make sure to stop by!