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Vagabond – Update

Aside from the getandroidsdkdl script that I was offering for people who wanted to get started with Android Development on Linux, another cool tool I wanted to throw out there was a script I call “Vagabond” which is a Vagrant deployable which automatically configures a development environment that you can use for Android Development on your Linux computer. In fact, it may prove far easier to use it instead of the getandroidsdkdl script (it actually builds off of it). The actual Vagabond script isn’t available yet but I’m letting a rather close circle of friends test it out first before…

Ohio Linux Fest – Updated Slides from 2014 Presentation

Now that I’ve made you wait long enough, here’s the updated presentation. I’ve made it available in three different formats so hopefully it’ll cater to your viewing pleasures. But of course, I’d better see larger download numbers on the ODP format and not the Microshit ones. Open/LibreOffice ODP Format (.odp) Microsoft Office 2000 Format (.ppt) Microsoft Office X-Format (.pptx)

Ohio Linux Fest – The Aftermath

I’m back home from the Ohio Linux Fest and I’m very, very tired. As much as I want to write more, I think I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the time being and just give a minor overview and save most of the major content for some of the upcoming podcasts that I’m going to be co-hosting to go over the event. First of all, I know that some of you reading this most likely attended the event and even came to my talk to which I want to extend an infinite amount of gratitude to you…