Current Podcasts

I’m currently on an indefinite hiatus from personal podcasting. If you’re interested in having me speak on a topic on your podcast, feel free to contact me to discuss details further.

Past Podcasts


I had the great opportunity (mostly by accident frankly) to join the guys over at the LinuxInstall.net podcast as a guest host. It turns out they liked whatever it was I did and have since included me in the regular panel.

More information about the podcast can be found at the LinuxInstall.net Philosophy page. Basically, despite being a Linux podcast, we discuss technology as a whole and, where applicable, inject why Linux and open-source software are the best solution. Then there’s the other side where we rant, gab, and yap aimlessly for a half-hour.

The show is hosted by founder Brian Wagner, Joe Leuzzi, Walt Jevack and myself. We’re all found on Google+ and Twitter. The podcast is aired weekly on Tuesday nights and is shot live over Google Hangouts to then be released to YouTube shortly after. Audio versions of the podcast are found in numerous places including iTunes, Stitcher, and as RSS for your preferred feed.

What I’m Playing Now

What I’m Playing Now (commonly abbreviated as WIPN) is a gaming podcast hosted by myself and Joe Leuzzi. We talk about video games (mostly), board games, card games and gaming news. The podcast is recorded live every Monday around 8:00PM (2000 UTC) over Google Hangouts. We also have an audio version of the podcast available here. iTunes integration of the podcast will be coming soon. We also do regular live stream shows on our Twitch channel: Retro Wednesday and Saturday Livestream. We’re also on Google+ and Twitter.

Something with Greg

After having taken an extended break from podcasting, for a multitude of reasons, I really wanted to get back into it but come at it from a different perspective.

Most podcasts these days are well organized and structured to stay within a certain time frame. Constraining your opinions and thoughts is like journalism and that’s not what I wanted to do. I don’t want censorship, I don’t want to explain things concisely. I want to tell stories. I want to have deep and engaging conversations about all sorts of things regarding things I find super interesting. Topics on technology, nerd culture, art, anime, music, etc… Length is not a concern. Some shows will be ten minutes. Some might be two hours. It doesn’t matter so long as the conversation is awesome. I want to have conversations on these topics with anyone who wants to talk with me. No structured panels, just an open forum conversation of like-minded geeks.

This show happens bi-weekly on Mondays. You can subscribe with your favorite podcatcher with this address: http://gregfmartin.libsyn.com/rss.

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