*NOW CLOSED* – Feline Philanthropy

NOTE – This campaign has ended as the stretch goals have been met. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Not too long ago, my sister had taken responsibility for an outside cat. Being a fanatical animal lover, she quickly worked into her daily routine a regimen of feeding and playing with this furry friend. Affectionately, he was dubbed Dartanyin and his place in her heart was forever cemented.

Ultimately, her goal is to take Dantanyin in to care for him properly. To bring him in off the streets, away from the vicissitudes of whimsical or indifferent passerbys, and to provide for him the love and care that he needs. Yet she is at a disadvantage and needs some help.


As we all know, college students happen to be strapped for liquid capital, and my sister’s case is no exception to this rule. A local shelter near us is requiring around $160 to perform all of the necessary tests and operations to ensure Dartanyin’s health. She has resorted to crowd-funding to help finance these procedures, and is appealing to anyone with no more than $5 to spare to donate. I would see that this request is propagated through myself as well, hence the purpose of this post.

If you are an animal lover, you understand completely where my sister is at emotionally. Furthermore, with the comedic array of initiatives that manage to get backed in excess through crowd-funding, this hardly qualifies as something not worthwhile. Any donation that you could offer would go a long way in helping a cat get a home – taking it off the streets, a boon for a miltutide of reasons – and bringing a person and an animal closer together.

Please take the time to view the GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/this-handsome-guy-needs-our-help

Thank you for your time, and potentially for your help.

When I’m Not Writing…

Admittedly I’m not a professional photographer, but that doesn’t stop me from partaking in the act and playing at it. For me it’s definitely more of an armchair hobby, but it plays nicely into my interest in aesthetic relative to colours: hues, tone, saturation, contrast, etc… Anyway, here’s the album. I’ll be adding more to it as the season progresses to show how the place looks during that process.




A canopy of words and paper leaves
They all of them fall at once into her breast
Being dyslexic led her to read them backward
And interpret their meaning forward
Deeply into her pillows did she sink
To give thought to a mode of delivery
Something that would make sense to that one person
The one who would lay shoulder to face
And weep the tear that would change her life
But when thought was placed in this task
She found there were far too many words
Far too many letters, far too many
Climb the trees to seek the root
Maybe it will make sense there
Atop the world she was able to look down
Sight to the horizon, unabated
No truth remained hidden, no lie covered
And even though the harvest had come
There were yet words left to be sown
Extending her palm to embrace a passing cloud
A piece she did take from deep inside
Upon it she pressed gently her lips
First a kiss, and then a lick
Looking at it straight, she began to sing
First a subtle humming, then a vocal piece
It wasn’t a song like you’re maybe to hear
Full of structure and notes that come and go
A song that might penetrate your soul
Or one to invoke the memory in you
To an ear, one of ours, it was incomprehensible
A best, a slur of utterance and sound
To an ear, one of the trees, it sang of life
To an ear, one of the wind, it sang of motion
To an ear, one of the water, it sang of rhythm
To an ear, one of the earth, it sang of bounty
To an ear, one of you, it sang of unity
But it was evident that you didn’t understand
And of reason was she quite ignorant
Sing as she might, her voice never carried
Into the places it mattered most
When at song’s end, a single tear did she loose
To descend into your hands and cup it close
But it fell instead to the earth
Next to your feet
On a street at night, surrounded by black
Illuminated by a single street lamp
You stared toward the sky and embraced the snow
Deep inside welled a yearning, a craving, a longing
Outstretched was your tongue to taste the flakes
Instead they landed on your nose
When at last one struck your tongue
Awash, became you, with innate memory
The first felt all too familiar, the second did too
The third started to drift and so did the fourth
The fifth, as it should, sailed you adrift a river
A gently ride, the softest breeze, the bluest water
The greenest trees, the purest grass
It looked to be the craft by brush of a master
For the longest time did the boat coast and sway
Until at last the street returned to you
Two of you saw the same things
Felt the same emotions, ate the same snow
Sailed the same boat, saw the same scenery
As a car passed by, the headlights bring you home
Pushing you in a direction that seems to fit
They and you say it all makes sense
That the righteousness is too obvious
That your children have yet to experience
At least until you give it to them
To hold
To smell
To taste
To hear
To love
To hate
To osmose
To dignify
To educate
And then you hear something in the distance
Your vision is clear and your heart is in tune
And you’re reminded of the snowflake
The single one, out of an infinite lot
That showed you the river and the trees
The colour of the horizon that felt so inviting
That now looks so dismal and distorted
Do you share that with your children?
Or do you share the former?
These people do not tap their feet
They do not read and do not sew
But you decide, instead, to hum a lullaby

Quote from Christopher Hitchens

An excerpt from his book Arguably: Essays from the first essay titled Gods of Our Fathers: The United States of Enlightenment which was a review of the book Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers by Brooke Allen:

“In 1821 Thomas Jefferson wrote of his hope “that the human mind will some day [sic] get back to the freedom it enjoyed 2000 years ago. This country, which has given the world an example of physical liberty, owes to it that of moral emancipation also.” I think that Allen is not wrong in comparing this to the finest passages in Edward Gibbon. She causes us to catch our breath at the thought that, at the birth of the United States, there were men determined to connect it to a philosophical wisdom that pre-dated the triumph of monotheism. It is the only reason for entertaining the belief that America was ever blessed by “Providence” – as Roger Williams named his open-minded settlement in Rhode Island, a refuge from the tyranny of Pilgrims and Puritans.”

A lot of people like to forget that these Founding Fathers ideally strove for a secularist society. One in which we’ve severely strayed so far away from.

“Something with Greg” Is a Thing

I decided to keep going with my bi-weekly discussions and title them “Something with Greg.”

The first one will always be available on SoundCloud but starting with the one I released on Monday, the episodes are hosted via Libsyn. Right now I have federation on Pocket Casts and, as of today, I’m excited to say that I’m now on iTunes. All you have to do is search for “Something with Greg” on either app and you’ll be able to find the installments there.

My goal with this is to have nerdy conversations either with myself or with anyone else who wants to have a chat. I’m working on getting a guest for the next one but if anyone wants to have a conversation, please let me know and we’ll see if we can get something going!

You can get to SWG on iTunes here.

Vagabond Update

Par for the course, I’m running behind schedule on this project. I’ve got legit reasons this time: life and work.

Then today I got blindsided by something that apparently changed in the backend on Vagrant or it was just something that I wasn’t aware of before.

During my testing, and following the documentation on the Vagrant website, I didn’t have to manually add Boxes to Vagrant. The Vagrantfile was responsible for hosting that information and acting accordingly. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer because every time I’ve run the test code for at least the last week, it’s always broken when attempting to run vagrant up saying that it couldn’t find the Box that I’d supplied to it.

After doing some digging, I found not only were there no Boxes added to Vagrant by default (I even purged and reinstalled to see what the hell happened) but it’s looking locally for them so as to not conflict with Atlas (formerly Vagrant Cloud). :/

This adds a whole new step to the workflow for automating this process and I’ve got to backtail a little to get it integrated. Once that’s done, I should be able to get a first release ready to go.

In the mean time, you can check the project’s website, Projekt Vagabond, for information relating to workflows, code and usage.