VMware Workstation Pro and Device/Credential Guard Incompatibility Fix

Just wanted to throw up a quick distillation of how to accomplish this since it seems to crop up more often than naught.

The observable issue is outlined in this KB from VMware. It usually happens if one had Hyper-V installed on their computer, or any feature that relies on modern virtualization features such as Windows Sandbox (I think WSL leverages these features as well), and one wants to use any of the VMware Type-2 hypervisors.

The aforementioned KB references a KB from Microsoft that’s pretty convoluted and glosses over a lot of different scenarios for local and enterprise contexts. The local context is the one I want to distill here since I feel it’s buried.

The gist here is this: There is a PowerShell script you can download and run that will disable Device/Credential Guard automatically. You can download the PowerShell script here. Once downloaded, you’ll want to run the script with the following switches:

.\DG_Readiness_Tool_v3.6.ps1 -Disable -AutoReboot