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I’m digging my way through the SFML.NET bindings, and creating a series of GitHub Gists along the way to illustrate both how to use the binding and patterns that I may employ whilst using them. These will all lead up to some shareware thing, eventually.

At a minimum, I figured I’d get these out there. It’s not clear to me what the user base of the .NET binding for SFML is, but I’ve been having some fun with it.

The gists on my page are all condensed into one file, but the solution file has them all broken out into individual class files. Further, SFML.NET is incorporated into the solution via NuGet. I have a two VS Templates: one that serves as a really quick demo base, and the other that uses my Game Core object as the launchpad for future endavours. If desired, I can share these templates as well.

The gists can be found at my GitHub Gists page.


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If you already couldn’t tell from my website URL, my name is Gregory Martin. I’m a technology professional by day focusing on management and operations in Information Technology. By night I’m any of the following: armchair philosopher, author and essayist who finds more pleasure in the act of writing, freethinker, coffee and wine connoisseur, musician with a potentially unsafe nepotism for jazz, funk, and post-rock, and the bass guitar, and a practitioner of computer programming in mostly C++. I’ve been known to laugh at and make jokes that are of an incredibly obscene and dry nature and will on occasion give the shirt off my back if need be for my brothers and sisters.

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