RHEL 8… Y U No Werk Bruh? (Again)

Yet again I’ve stumbled onto a workflow breaking issue with RHEL 8.

RDP is a major component of a lot of workflows for engineers and Remmina has traditionally been a great solution for these situations. All up until getting Remmina through Flatpak is the only reasonable method for obtaining it, and that RDP connections won’t work any longer since RHEL/CentOS 8 ship with a version of Flatpak that’s several behind the current and OpenX264 refuses to install on any version of Flatpak that’s lower than 1.4.

So let’s try and update Flatpak through native repos:

Right. So let’s just remind ourselves of the version here:

And the official Flatpak git repo has a release tag at 1.6.0. So why isn’t this in the repos? Let’s add a few more repos to see if we get any joy there:

Can we update Flatpak now?

Nope. Brilliant.

So let’s build from source. Now we may want to remove the existing Flatpak installation since it may conflict with our manual build, so let’s try to remove that.

Yikes. We probably don’t want to do this. Some of this seems benign, but we may end up with some issues afterward. So let’s proceed as if everything is normal and we’ll leave this alone for the time being. Let’s grab the Flatpak source and go to town.

Missing dependencies from the start.

  • libcap-devel
  • libarchive-devel
  • libsoup-devel
  • gpgme-devel
  • polkit-devel
  • fuse-devel
  • ostree-devel…

So it turns out that the version of ostree-devel that is available through @System is .1 of a build version off from what Flatpak wants…

Back to 7 I go…

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