An excerpt from his book Arguably: Essays from the first essay titled Gods of Our Fathers: The United States of Enlightenment which was a review of the book Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers by Brooke Allen:

“In 1821 Thomas Jefferson wrote of his hope “that the human mind will some day [sic] get back to the freedom it enjoyed 2000 years ago. This country, which has given the world an example of physical liberty, owes to it that of moral emancipation also.” I think that Allen is not wrong in comparing this to the finest passages in Edward Gibbon. She causes us to catch our breath at the thought that, at the birth of the United States, there were men determined to connect it to a philosophical wisdom that pre-dated the triumph of monotheism. It is the only reason for entertaining the belief that America was ever blessed by “Providence” – as Roger Williams named his open-minded settlement in Rhode Island, a refuge from the tyranny of Pilgrims and Puritans.”

A lot of people like to forget that these Founding Fathers ideally strove for a secularist society. One in which we’ve severely strayed so far away from.

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