Par for the course, I’m running behind schedule on this project. I’ve got legit reasons this time: life and work.

Then today I got blindsided by something that apparently changed in the backend on Vagrant or it was just something that I wasn’t aware of before.

During my testing, and following the documentation on the Vagrant website, I didn’t have to manually add Boxes to Vagrant. The Vagrantfile was responsible for hosting that information and acting accordingly. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer because every time I’ve run the test code for at least the last week, it’s always broken when attempting to run vagrant up saying that it couldn’t find the Box that I’d supplied to it.

After doing some digging, I found not only were there no Boxes added to Vagrant by default (I even purged and reinstalled to see what the hell happened) but it’s looking locally for them so as to not conflict with Atlas (formerly Vagrant Cloud). :/

This adds a whole new step to the workflow for automating this process and I’ve got to backtail a little to get it integrated. Once that’s done, I should be able to get a first release ready to go.

In the mean time, you can check the project’s website, Projekt Vagabond, for information relating to workflows, code and usage.

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