I’m back home from the Ohio Linux Fest and I’m very, very tired. As much as I want to write more, I think I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the time being and just give a minor overview and save most of the major content for some of the upcoming podcasts that I’m going to be co-hosting to go over the event.

First of all, I know that some of you reading this most likely attended the event and even came to my talk to which I want to extend an infinite amount of gratitude to you for. Little fact – this was my first talk ever at a technology conference. That being said, the turnout far exceeded any expectations I had and the audience was amazing. I got so much great feedback from all of you and you all graciously put up with my horrible jokes. Even more humbling to me was the swath of people who came up after I was done. That made all the stress and shitting bricks worth it.

That being said, the slides that were uploaded to the OLF website on my session profile are not the ones that I used for the presentation. The ones I used were modified in terms of order and containing a few slides that detailed my previous work. Some of you had asked about getting a copy of the slides and I want to make sure that you get the most recent ones so I’m going to upload them and you can download them at your leisure. Of course, I won’t be doing this until tomorrow since I’m seriously going straight to bed right after this. You all can wait until then.

The other thing that I didn’t have that I got asked for was business cards. Thankfully my contact information is “federated” in the sense that all the names are similar. My website is gregfmartin.com, my email is greg@gregfmartin.com and my phone number is 1-800-gregfmartin (not really but it sounds good). Had I known that there was going to be this clamoring for my contact information, I would have better prepared for it.

Finally, I wanted to give honorable mention to Brian Wagner for being not only a tremendous help and resource but a great friend. Also to Stephen McLaughlin a.k.a. DoorToDoorGeek for being a wealth of audio production knowledge and for help with the audio recording equipment (even though I screwed up due to technical difficulties).

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