Lets face it, I’m not a professional developer nor a professional mathematician nor a professional anything. Maybe a professional jackass. Yeah I am pretty good at that.

Douchebagery aside, I managed to clobber together an extremely raw working model for a “Drop Objects”-style game for Android that is most definitely going to morph into something a fair bit cleaner and more disturbing. I peddled this off to my tight-knit inner circle of unlucky friends to see what they thought and I received a lot of constructive criticism (because it does suck and really it’s supposed to at this point) and some really cool ideas as to where this could possibly be taken.

If you have an Android device, you can side load (pay attention to steps number two and three) this on there and have at it. Yes, I’m ignoring continues for the time being.

Additionally, don’t bitch or moan at me because this doesn’t work on your shitbox Android device that still runs Gingerbread or some hack-fuck $20 tablet from the Himalayas. This isn’t even anything close to a complete idea but it is somewhat usable.

You can get the APK from my Google Drive here: http://goo.gl/UdTZDL

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