From June, 2014

Development Journal – Teh Rawness

Lets face it, I’m not a professional developer nor a professional mathematician nor a professional anything. Maybe a professional jackass. Yeah I am pretty good at that. Douchebagery aside, I managed to clobber together an extremely raw working model for a “Drop Objects”-style game for Android that is most definitely going to morph into something a fair bit cleaner and more disturbing. I peddled this off to my tight-knit inner circle of unlucky friends to see what they thought and I received a lot of constructive criticism (because it does suck and really it’s supposed to at this point) and…

Development Journal – I Can Haz Procedurally Ramped Difficulty?

Preface – I’m not a mathematician in any way, shape or form. Shamefully, one of the things that’s always bugged me about any game I’ve ever written was the difficulty was explicitly defined. In other words, I would always have a method that would check the current level and apply random scalars to settings depending upon that check. Does it work? Yes. Is it intuitive? No. Does this make for a horrible game experience? Yes and no (more yes). Without diving too far into the rabbit hole, I wanted a way to automatically increase the difficulty of a game while…

Sometimes, Silence is Bronze

I have officially gone under a rock. Most of it was my fault. I gambled (in an ethereal sense), I lost (more than just money mind you) and now I’m paying for it. So-to-speak anyway. So the things that I have been working on – LinuxInstall and WIPN for example, have been without my presence for some time and may continue that way for just a bit longer. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy and working on things in abstentia. All I’m going to leave here is this single image.