Update Time

Greetings one and all! It’s been quite some time since I last posted and I’ve got quite a bit going on so I’ll make this brief.

First of all, some really exciting news, I’ve launched a new gaming podcast called What I’m Playing Now (WIPN). My good pal Joe Leuzzi and I host the show. Every Monday we talk nothing but gaming and shoot the shit for about an hour or so. It’s a highly opinionated podcast and we talk about a lot but it’s all in good fun! You can check out our website here. I’m currently working with Squarespace on fixing our audio feed for subscribers so when I get that fixed, I’ll post it here, on the WIPN website and on our Twitter feeds.

The LinuxInstall podcast is hopefully getting more onto a regular schedule. We try to keep it on a bi-weekly schedule but things get so busy with all of us.

As I announced on either the first or second episode of WIPN, I’m taking the month of December to work on a story-based JRPG that I’m titling A Story. There’s more information on this on the Projects page. Hopefully I can have this ready to go by the end of the month and I’m looking for a January release.

Things at work are picking up like crazy; fourth-quarter in retail support is for the birds. Hence my lack of time to post up here as much as I would like to. As things change, I’ll keep you up to date.