More of the Hiatus Crap

It really becomes a challenge posting stuff here sometimes. Simply because I’d like to post more often but I run out of time and can’t seem to bring things together before I get swamped again.

With regard to my incomplete Fedora 19 review, it’s probably going to rest where it is. I had two other parts but I’ve never been able to find the time to successfully edit them and bring them to something interesting or cohesive. So the two parts that are up here are going to be it.

I took the plunge and subscribed to LWN. I’m actually pretty glad I did. It’s full of good reads and if you either haven’t heard of the site before or have looked and considered subscribing but didn’t, I’d really recommend that you do. Just in the past three days of having subscribed I’ve found myself logging in daily to see if there was something new or just parse content from the past week on there. The conversations on topics are lively as well.

I’ve been working on a project that’s required me to flex my C muscle a bit and it’s something that I haven’t done in quite a while. Much like any language, spoken or written, if you don’t speak it on a regular basis you start to forget things. It’s a little worse with computer languages because you start to forget subtleties and C is ripe with them. To that end, I found a book called Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets. I’m only about the third chapter in but this book is full of really good coverage on esoteric eccentricities of the language. It also makes note of the origins of construct inclusions such as compound assignment operators (+=. -=) and even why they’re aligned the why they are in a statement (i.e. in contrast of using =+ or =-). Importantly, it’s really helping me to refresh my mind into the thought process required to write C programs. Having been writing Java for as long as I have, it’s almost like flipping a switch and it’s a little more difficult to handle.

One last thing I wanted to draw attention to is the latest post on the GNOME Blog about what’s coming in GNOME 3.10. It looks amazing.

Until next time.